HFiT Instrument Cassette

HFiT Instrument Cassette

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Product Information

Hands-free transfer of contaminated instruments from chairside > to washer disinfector > to autoclave.

  • Specially designed to work with washer disinfectors, saving time, money and improving safety.
  • Optimised design ensures instrument retention whilst allowing maximum exposure
  • Enables 100% successful cleaning of all instrument surfaces
  • Significantly reduces the risk of needle stick injury
  • Helps manage instrument inventory and traceability

HFiT (Hands Free instrument Transfer) cassettes are available in 3 sizes (5, 10 and 20 instrument sizes) and in a choice of coloured silicone inserts as follows:

  • Blue 
  • Red
  • Green 
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • White

Note: The product code last digit 'x' determines the colour. Replace 'x' with either: 2- Blue, 3-Red, 4-Green, 5-Yellow, 6-Silver or 7-White.

Technical Specifications
  • Product Code:
  • Size:
    Fits 10 instruments
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