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Novaerus plasma air disinfection technology inactivates all airborne microorganisms on contact, including COVID-19.

Hand hygiene and surface disinfection have long been the international gold standard for infection control in healthcare environments. However, more recently the quality of the air that circulates within these places has become an important consideration.

Dental environments are frequently exposed to high levels of contaminated indoor air. The aerosols generated during routine dental procedures are known to carry significant levels of microbial contaminants and blood.

These pollutants can build up over time, resulting in heavily contaminated indoor air which creates an increased risk of infection for staff and patients.

Novaerus air disinfection units, supplied by Eschmann, use patented NanoStrike plasma technology that safely inactivates all airborne microorganisms on contact, providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria.

Novaerus plasma technology is unrivalled for its; efficacy, safety, ease-of-use, and affordability.

Utilises ultra-low energy with no installation, maintenance, replacement filters or components.

Novaerus Protect 200

Novaerus Protect 200

£1,550.00 - £1,860.00 (inc VAT)

Designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in small indoor spaces.

For a 80m³ room the Novaerus Protect 200 will complete one full air disinfection cycle in just one hour.

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Part no. NV200

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Novaerus Protect 800

Novaerus Protect 800

£2,550.00 - £3,060.00 (inc VAT)

Designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in medium indoor spaces.

For a 220 m³/hr (speed I) or a 260m³ room
(speed II), the Novaerus Protect 800 will
complete one full air disinfection cycle in just
one hour.

The Novaerus Protect 800 is also available with a
wheeled or table top stand. To purchase with stand,
please select product before adding to cart.

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Part no. NV800

Novaerus Air Disinfection - how clean is the air you're breathing?

Patented NanoStrike Technology, backed by Science

  • Developed by scientists and engineers, NanoStrike is the core, patented technology that powers all Novaerus air disinfection units. inactivating all airborne microorganisms on contact.
  • In independent laboratory studies, Novaerus has been shown to safely and effectively reduce bacteria, viruses, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter.
  • In clinical settings, Novaerus has been demonstrated to reduce airborne pathogens, surface bacteria, infections, odours and antibiotic use.
  • In case studies and clinical trials, Novaerus has been demonstrated to reduce infections and improve wellbeing in real-world settings.

With no harmful by-products, Novaerus plasma technology is safe for continued 24/7 use around even the most vulnerable.

No installation required, the NV800 and the NV200 is a plug and play technology.

Air Disinfection Technology Comparison

Novaerus uses a unique, patented atmospheric plasma discharge (the same type of discharge found in lightning strikes) to safely inactivate harmful airborne microorganisms at the DNA level.

Molecules as small as 1nm are inactivated in a sub-second time frame, significantly faster than all other deactivation technologies.

1 = Not Effective 5 = Effective

1. PCO can produce formaldehyde. 2. At high levels, UV can create noxious gas and is mutagenic. 3. High levels of ozone is unsafe to humans. 4. Defend 1050 only.

Independently Tested and Proven

Novaerus plasma technology has been independently tested and proven to safely inactivate the smallest of airborne viruses, bacteria, mould spores, VOC and particulate matter in dozens of independent laboratory tests.

* J. Balarashti (2016) Determination of the Novaerus NV900 [US version of the NV800] System's Efficacy against Various Bioaerosols, Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories. Available at https://www.novaerus.com/research/238.

Protect your environment with plasma air disinfection technology today!

It destroys COVID-19 24/7