RO Water System including UV Light

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Medical Grade RO water system providing on-demand reverse osmosis (RO) water for your surgery and decontamination equipment.
Product Information

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) system from Eschmann is the most effective method for providing clean, pure water for your autoclave. The unit produces more water in a shorter time, than can be produced by a conventional water distiller and with its compact size enables it to fit into most cupboards.

The unit quickly pays for itself, typically within just 12 months. At a cost of 33 pence per litre, over three times more affordable than bottled water.

  • Suitable for all water types
  • 12 litre or optional 60 litre water tank
  • Removes the need to buy and store expensive bottled water
  • Fits neatly and discretely into any available cupboard space.
  • Simple connection to a mains cold water supply and easy to replace filters
  • WRAS Compliant backflow protection
  • Medical grade DIRM filters and UV light for all water types
  • Choice of dispensing systems for easy fill of autoclaves and other equipment
  • Rapid return on investment, often in less than 12 months
Technical Specifications
  • Product Code:
  • Product includes:
    12 litre water tank and trigger dispensing tap and 3.0m hose
  • Water Type:
    Suitable for all water types
  • External Dimensions:
    400 mm (h) x 320mm (w) x 200 mm (d)
  • Supply Voltage:
    230 V
  • Fuse Rating:
    13 A
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