Dr Weigert Neodisher MediKlar Rinse Aid 5 Litres (black top)

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Validated for use with Miele Washer Disinfectors
Product Information

Dr Weigert Neodisher MediKlar is a rinse aid validated for use in Miele Washer Disinfectors. 

Provides approximately 1250 rinse cycles, per 5 litre bottle. 

Note: Please check the solutions fitted to your washer disinfector to confirm you are ordering the exact same one. Alternatively, please call your local engineer or call our customer service team for advice on what solution your washer disinfector requires.

Technical Specifications
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  • Quantity:
    5 Litres
  • Cycles:
    Provides approximately 1250 rinse cycles, per 5 litre bottle
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